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The first on-chain fitness app.

With SpreadSport, earn money by doing sport. Track your activity, learn more about your body and earn $SPORT tokens just for working out.

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No, sport should not disappear with the Metaverse.

With the raise of the Metaverse, sport is under threat. Moreover remains for many impossible to practice. We wanted to change that, and with the strength of the crypto community and our historical partners, we will succeed.

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Rewarding process

Buy, be rewarded, do sport, be rewarded, all this while helping humanity.

Step 1

Invest in $SPORT and support access to sport.

Step 2

Get up to 5% rewards from all BUSD transactions.

Step 3

Sports competitions will be created to give visibility to the project.

Step 4

Several gifts will be given to investors, participants and winners.

Sportive Tokenomics

Rewards to make you hold, Marketing to spread the
word and development to build the perfect fitness app.
5% Rewards
4% Marketing
1% Development

The Marathon


Long Run

Gold Medal


The $SPORT community is
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The $SPORT community is waiting for you.
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